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Here’s a ton of singles, remixes, rarities, and guest appearances for your listening pleasure.  Bootleg recordings of entire shows are found here as well, just click a folder and play the tracks! Please note that the older live shows were not professionally recorded–I transferred them from tape and cleaned them up the best I can, but the audio quality on the older shows varies quite a bit.  Most of the newer shows, however, were recorded straight from the soundboard.



Live Bootleg Descriptions

Listed from oldest to newest

Bremen (with Herman Brood) – Jun 13, 1979

France – 1980 / Audio quality: *****
Thanks to Randy for this recording.

Seattle – 1982 / Audio quality: *****
Thanks to Randy for this recording.

Detroit (Clutch Cargo’s) – Jul 31, 1982

Berlin (Waldbuehne) – Sep 3, 1983

Stockholm – Feb 22, 1984 / Audio quality: *****
With the No Problem Orchestra.  Thanks to Dennis Miller for sending this on CD.

Kopenhagen – Feb 25, 1984 / Audio quality: *****
With the No Problem Orchestra.  Thanks to Dennis Miller for sending this on CD.

Berlin – Jun 14, 1985 / Audio quality: *****
Thanks to Randy for this recording.

Lyon, France – 1986

Detroit (St Andrews Hall) – Jul 25, 1987

Boston – Jul 16, 1988 / Audio quality: *****
Thanks to Jim for this recording.

Minneapolis – Jul 25, 1988

Hollywood (Key Club) – Jul 17, 1998 / Audio quality: *****
Thanks to Tim for this recording (on DAT!).

Los Angeles (KCRW webcast) – Jul, 20, 1998

Europe (Ninamania) – 1991

Montreal – 1994

NYC (Limelight) – Aug 10, 1994

Bonn (Rockpalast) – Aug 28, 1999

San Diego – Aug 14, 2002

Santa Ana – Aug 16, 2002 / Audio quality: *****
Recorded by yours truly – best birthday present ever!

San Francisco (DNA Lounge) – Aug 18, 2002 / Audio quality: *****

Hollywood (House of Blues) – Aug 20, 2002

San Francisco (DNA Lounge) – Jan 7, 2003

San Francisco (DNA Lounge) – Jan 8, 2003

San Francisco (DNA Lounge) – Feb 22, 2004 / Audio quality: *****

Burghausen – Apr 28, 2004
Jazz Oder Nie!  Performed with Leipzig Big Band.

Vancouver BC (Commodore Ballroom) – Jan 14, 2005 / Audio quality: *****
Thanks to Lemon Pledge for this recording.

San Francisco (DNA Lounge) – Feb 9, 2005 / Audio quality: *****

17 comments on “Jukebox

  1. nina hagen is the best,total new albun volksbeat.congratuletions nina hagen……………..y an kiara varcelona y madrid.recording?one kiss for youuuuuuuuuuuuu,forever………….


  2. nina, oh so nina. eu sou um gato malhado na sua bigorna. bebo desde pequeno . a prime4ira vez q lhe ouvi8 o u7niverso fez algum sentido


  3. Amazing shrine to a most dissevering artist. Thank you for the jukebox and letting some of us older punks relive the treasured moments of seeing Nina live. Cheers


  4. Halo, Nina & Zarah!
    Hope each of you,re
    well, over 21 years i
    searched, it was only
    when i was required
    to stwp back, to view
    all the stuff i gave to
    the world, that there’s
    a peace. A very urge
    to create is still with
    me, been a flurry of a
    production the past 20.

    God will


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